NIMDC- Objective, Vision


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The objective of Centre is to provide Predictive Maintenance (PdM.) services to all industries for maximizing their productivity & profitability.

Vision -

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A company with a vision - to be one of the world’s biggest and largest "Nitish Industrial Machinery Diagnostics Centre" to ensure reliability and availability of machineries and also to become leader in...

NIMDC- Profile and Mission


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The need of high availability and reliability is of utmost importance in modern day applications of turbomachinery in both power generation and process installations.

Mission -

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NIMDC's mission is to provide on-site or remote machinery diagnostics services and their remedial measures at the competitive price for the complete satisfaction...

Machine Diagnostics Services

We Stand For :-

Precision in Measurements & Perfection in Analysis

On-Site & Remote Diagnostics and Solutions

Reduced outage time

Work efficiency & Quick Response

Availability & Reliability Enhancement

Low Services & Maintenance Cost. 

Renewable Energy & Infrastructural Facilities