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Company Profile

The need for high availability and reliability is of utmost importance in modern-day applications of turbomachinery in both power generation and process installations. There are very high penalty costs associated with non-availability and catastrophic failure of the same. Since the productivity of these installations in the world greatly depends upon the sustained and trouble-free performance of turbo-machinery, these types of equipment need special surveillance because of huge investment and their catastrophic failures can be both costly and dangerous. Moreover, since several of these machines often operate in critical unspared service, downtime costs are prohibitively high, creating the need for rapid means for diagnosis and troubleshooting. Keeping this in view, the need for maintaining high efficiency, reliability and availability of highly precise and costly equipment, "NIMDC" has come into existence


"NIMDC" is a Private Limited Company, set up in the new millennium on the 6th day of April 2017 to enable power and process industries to make the switch from Run-to-Breakdown and Time Based Maintenance to Condition based Maintenance in the most simple, fast and effective way possible and provide all the benefits of Condition Based Monitoring and make industries more profitable in a way that only state-of-the-art technologies and techniques can.

Apart from this "NIMDC" conducts seminars and workshops from time to time to upgrade Predictive Maintenance System to keep engineers informed and abreast with the latest development and technology in the field. The technical papers based on actual case studies experienced in power and process industries will be available on and from time to time. So keep in touch.