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Acceptance Testing & Contracts

MDS can participate in factory acceptance testing of rotating machinery. Testing verifies that machines comply with customer contract specifications. MDS is familiar with all API specification. In addition we can work with you to specify testing procedures that match your particular machine and application. Acceptance testing also helps to determine and verify synchronous machinery characteristics, such as balance resonance speeds, amplification factor and potential problems. This information provides the insight needed for accepting the machine and reference data for comparison during commissioning, It also provides the machine manufacturer with feedback on the machine's mechanical behavior. Potential problem can be identified and appropriate action taken prior to placing a machine in service.

Documentation of the acceptance testing is tailored to your needs. It can be a simple executive summary with accompanying data or a comprehensive analysis including rotor model based on actual machine behavior.

"NIMDC" can also provide Annual Contracts for Machinery Diagnostics Services that includes Monitoring, Analysis, Troubleshooting and Balancing of your plant Turbomachinery and other rotating equipment. 

Field Commissioning is performed during the initial start up of new machinery or recently rebuilt machines. "NIMDC" MDS engineers acquire reference data on the machines and provide comprehensive engineering reports to document the initial installation performance. These reports are used in making future comparisons of the machine's performance and overall mechanical integrity for predictive maintenance programs and for evaluating the effectiveness of maintenance and turnaround procedures