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Setting-up Renewable Energy Power Plants



What permissions/clearances are required to setup a Solar PV Plant?

A certain set of permissions need to be obtained and documents need to be submitted in order to setup a Solar PV plant. While these may vary from state-to-state, in order to get a Solar PV Project Accredited by AP State Load Dispatch Center (AP SLDC) for REC mechanism, the following are the statutory clearances and environmental clearances to be furnished:

1) Industrial Clearance

2) Land conversion (Agricultural to Non-Agricultural)

3) Environmental Clearance Certificate from APPCB, Hyderabad

4) Contract labour license from AP Labour Department

5) Fire Safety certificate from AP Fire Department

6) Latest tax receipt from the Municipal/Gram Panchayat for the factory land.

7) Auditor compliance certificate regarding fossil fuel utilization

8) Approval from Chief Electrical Inspector

Clearance from Forest department Also, all necessary approvals/agreements before start of Solar PV project construction are to be furnished as and when necessary. These include the following:

9) Land purchase

10) Power Evacuation arrangement permission letter from DISCOM

11) Confirmation of Metering Arrangement and location

12) ABT meter type, Manufacture, Model, Serial No. details for Energy Metering.

13) Copy of PPA (important as Preferential PPA projects are not eligible for REC mechanism)

14) Proposed Model and make of plant equipment

15) Undertaking for compliance with the usage of fossil fuel criteria as specified by MNRE

16) Details of Connectivity with DISCOM

17) Connectivity Diagram and Single Line Diagram of Plant

18) Details of pending court cases with APERC, Supreme Court of India, High Court of A.P. or any other courts

Any other documents requested by AP SLDC While these are the documents that AP SLDC requires for REC project accreditation, these are typically the clearances/documents required in general for a Solar PV project.