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Technical Paper

1.High Specific Speed in Circulating Water Pump Can Cause Cavitation, Noise and Vibration
2.Recent Trends in "Predictive Maintenance" & Significance of Transient Data Analysis & its Application in Turbine Generator
3.Application of cost effective Condition Based Maintenance & Overhauling practices in NTPC
4.Significance of Hot-Run-Down Signature and its Application in Turbine Generators.
5.Significance of Synchronous Amplification Factor and its Applications in turbine generator.
6.Vibration Signature Analysis -A Case Study on "Oil Whirl" problem in Turbine Generator Bearings
7.Operating Guidelines On Vibration Limits For Large Turbine Generators Sets
8. TG High Vibration by inadequate supports
9. TG TVs Valve stuck-up problem
10. TG High Vibration Spike Caused by Spurious signals
11. Panipat Gear Box
12. TG High Vibration of Rihand
14.Best Paper Award